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Recruiter: Shanghai Juxing Technology Co., Ltd Working location: room 01A, 11 / F, building 2, No. 588, Zixing Road, Zizhu high tech Industrial Development Zone, Minhang District, Shanghai Salary and welfare: five insurances and one fund, professional training, employee travel, performance bonus Resume delivery email: zhangli@juxingtech.cn

  • Android Engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • NPI Engineer
  • Web front end Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Administrative human resources specialist

Android Engineer

Number of recruits: Several

Job description: scrum,Java,kotlin,AndroidStudio,google navigation,google room 1. 3-5 years of independent Android development experience 2. Proficient in git, at least 1 year of GIT team collaborative development experience 3. Be proficient in modular development, understand how to use modular decoupling and reuse, and have modular development for at least one year 4. Be familiar with Java language, familiar with common design patterns, and master and apply object-oriented programming ideas 5. Be familiar with MVC, MVP and MVVM code structure design, their respective characteristics and usage scenarios 6. Be familiar with Google architecture component navigation 7. Be familiar with or understand the Google room database scheme 8. Have good coding habits, and be familiar with or understand Alibaba java development manual 9. Have certain kotlin Foundation 10. Experience in face and license plate recognition algorithm is preferred 11. Experience in SDK writing is preferred Job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above in computer software and communication related majors 2. More than 3 years of relevant development experience 3. Quick thinking, strong logical analysis ability and data analysis ability 4. Have good communication, promotion and coordination skills, and have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit 5. Be able to travel occasionally (1-2 times in half a year on average)

Structural engineer

Number of recruits: Several

Job description: 1. Evaluate the ID design from a professional perspective, and be responsible for the whole machine design or stacking design of the product structure
to ensure the performance of the whole machine; 2. Follow up mold development, DFM report review, promote the problem solving in the process of mold opening and repair, and ensure mold quality; 3. Be responsible for formulating product structure appearance proofing specifications, following up the supplier sample proofing time, and confirming
the appearance structure design and supplier sample quality; 4. Be responsible for maintaining and improving the structural design of the existing projects of the company, and timely solve the relevant problems in the production process of products; 5. Be responsible for making all kinds of technical documents and efficiently completing the tasks assigned by the boss. Job requirements: 1. Mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mold design and manufacturing, mechanical and electronic engineering, machinery related majors; 2. Full time bachelor degree or above; 3. At least 5 years of relevant working experience in electronic products, able to independently complete the product from ID to mass production; 4. Familiar with mold manufacturing, production process, surface treatment and assembly process of plastic, soft rubber, hardware and other commonly used materials; 5. Be able to skillfully use engineering software such as AutoCAD and mechanical design software such as proe or SOLIDWORKS; 6. Have good professional ethics, communication skills and the ability to analyze and solve problems independently, teamwork ability and efficient execution; 7. Helmet, automobile and other related product design experience is preferred; 8. Working experience of 5-10 years, aged between 25-35 years.

NPI Engineer

Number of recruits: Several

Job description:
1. Implement new product introduction and implement product R & D plan; 2. Be responsible for the design scheme of new products, the confirmation of manufacturability, and the establishment of a perfect process solution route; 3. Based on the manufacturability process of new products, output DFM files; 4. Participate in the whole process of new product process, tooling, SOP precautions evaluation and production precautions document output; 5. Have a certain technical background, be able to evaluate the manufacturability of products, lead trial production and find possible technical hidden dangers and product quality hidden dangers; 6. Improve and innovate the production disposal process to improve production efficiency. Job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, with working experience in NPI, familiar with and understand NPI workflow; 2. Familiar with the production process, product performance and product structure, with rich experience in project development; 3. Strong ability to solve faults on site; 4. Have strong summarizing and organizing ability, such as convening and leading project meetings; 5. Have the ability to sort out documents, work actively and carefully; 6. Strong communication and coordination skills, with good team spirit.

Java Engineer

Number of recruits: Several

Job description: 1. Participate in the demand analysis and confirm the feasibility of the demand. 2. Responsible for front-end call interface docking. 3. Cooperate with the project manager to complete relevant tasks and objectives. Job requirements: 1. Have 2 years of experience in Web front-end development, works are preferred. 2. Proficient in using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other web front-end technologies. 3. Proficient in react, Vue, jQuery, GIT, angular is preferred. 4. Familiar with various cross browser compatibility technologies, responsive layout and screen adaptation technologies. 5. Have a deep understanding of page layout, pay attention to details, and be good at analyzing and improving the visual feeling and user experience of products. 6. Fast learning ability and strong teamwork and communication skills. The following is an additional sub item: 1. Java has a solid foundation, understands the basic frameworks such as IO, multithreading, and assembly, and has an in-depth understanding of object-oriented thinking. 2. Familiar with spring, mybatis, spring boot and other commonly used open source frameworks. 3. Proficient in MySQL table structure design and SQL statement writing. 4. Be familiar with the use of Linux basic commands and the construction of project deployment environment. 5. Experience in using spring cloud and docker is preferred.

Test Engineer

Number of recruits: Several

Job description: 1. Be responsible for the organization and management of software testing. 2. Be responsible for the formulation of test procedures, systems, technical standards, test plans, specifications, etc. 3. Responsible for product interface and function release quality. 4. Continue to maintain the establishment and deployment of regression testing environment. 5. Ensure the quality of the tested system, and improve work efficiency and product quality through the innovation of testing tools or methods. Job requirements: 1. Have 3-5 years of testing experience (including web, app, interface, etc.), and more than 2 years of testing team management experience. 2. Familiar with testing process and specifications, good at finding and locating problems. 3. Good presentation skills, good cross departmental communication skills. 4. Continuously optimize test specifications and processes.

Recruitment position: Regional Sales Manager
Job description: 1. Formulate and complete the regional sales plans and tasks under the jurisdiction according to the company's performance goals; 2. Responsible for sales data research, business development and customer relationship maintenance in the region under its jurisdiction; 3. Collect and feed back customer opinions and suggestions, coordinate internal and external resources of the company, and improve customer satisfaction; 4. Be responsible for the market information of the region under its jurisdiction, and provide professional support for the formulation of the company's marketing strategy; 5. Be responsible for the cooperation and coordination of the company's pre-sales, after-sales and business personnel; 6. Be responsible for the signing of sales contracts, the organization and coordination of project implementation, and the urging and follow-up of sales collection. Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, major in marketing or economics, management or other related majors; 2. Having more than three years of sales experience, more than one year of experience in similar industries is better, and having docked with the customer resources of government departments and the public security industry is better; 3. Excellent marketing skills, able to accept short-term business trips (mainly in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai); 4. Good communication and expression skills, clear speech, quick response, patience and enthusiasm; 5. Good sense of responsibility, aggressive, honest, dare to face pressure and challenges.
Administrative human resources specialist

Job description:
1. According to the development of the company, formulate recruitment plans, publish recruitment information, screen personnel, and arrange personnel interviews; 2. Be responsible for the transfer of employees and the signing and renewal of labor contracts; 3. Nail background maintenance, as well as monthly attendance statistics, monthly salary accounting; 4. Be responsible for the operation of employees' social security accumulation fund and related welfare accounting; 5. Be responsible for the daily administrative affairs of the company and the purchase of office supplies 6. Be responsible for organizing the daily welfare activities of the company; Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, experience in personnel administration is preferred; 2. Proficient in using all kinds of office software; 3. Understand the operational work of personnel affairs, and have strong communication and coordination skills;
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